Difference between accessory and remote accomplice to sin?

Hi, Apologists

Would one be an accomplice to sin by working for a company, doing morally good/neutral services, but the company donates a portion of its money to a company that directly does objectively evil services?

Thank you greatly

Material cooperation means that a good or neutral action by X is used by Y to achieve a sinful purpose contrary to the intention of X.

Formal cooperation (accomplice) means that X’s actions not only can be used by Y for a sinful purpose but the X intends that sinful purpose by Y or that without X’s actions then Y would never have been able to commit the sinful act.

In your situation it appears you are doing a good or neutral action for a company that is good or neutral in its business activity. In this one area the company is donating money to a sinful cause.

In this situation you are not raising money for the sinful cause, you are simply doing a good/neutral action for a good/neutral business. What the CEO or board of directors choose to do with the proceeds is something that is beyond the general business. It would not be unlike an employee using his/her wages to donate to something the boss thinks is sinful. The boss would not be under a moral obligation to fire the employee.

Similarly I would see the proceeds as far enough removed from your actions and the actual business of the company so as to be considered material cooperation rather than formal.

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