Difference between between drunk and high



I had an argument with a friend of mine and couldn’t think of an answer to this besides the fact that I don’t want to live in such a society. But maybe you guys can help me. What is the difference between being high and being drunk? And if there is no difference, why is one legal and the other isn’t?


there are physiological differences, but I think morally it’s the same thing.


I don’t believe there is anything inherently immoral about using either substance with moderation. Our society has de facto laws against being drunk or high in public, but no one gets prosecuted for using either in private. Even so, we ought to consider changing our laws to tolerate and control the use of cannabis, IMHO. Alcoholism is a devastating disease, and people would be much better off recreationally using a relatively benign plant instead.


Where I live, they do. I’m not really for being high or drunk, but the reality is people are prosecuted every day in my county for being high in private, or having “paraphernalia” related to getting high. However you can get drunk as you want in private, no problem. But all it takes is someone to smell something and call the cops and boom, you can be prosecuted. It does happen here.

I personally see it as a moral justice issue. More people are harmed by the laws against getting high, than getting high.

That said, I personally don’t like any mind altering substance. Being drunk or being high both put you in an altered state. You cannot make the best choices in these states. Now if you are ill, and need medication (including marijuana) to function, that is different. But just to use any substance to escape from reality, I just don’t see the good in that.


Yo mon, see Bob Marley on this one. He is on youtube and explains it perfectly.


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