Difference between Good and Suitable music

Let me just admit first that I am not a huge music buff. However, I can’t help but make this weird observation.

Is it just me or do a lot of proponents and fans of sacred music seem to confuse what is good music with what is simply suitable music for a certain context?

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t really care (generally) so much for what kind of songs are played in Mass. If your church plays more modern Christian music, fine. If you insist on traditional polyphony, organ, or Gregorian chant, that’s fine too.

However, with regards to the latter, if you’re going to start saying that music like that is the best music and even go as far as to say it’s should be the only type of music Catholics should listen to, then we’re going to have some problems.

Contrary to what some of you might think though, I personally don’t believe there really is a “best” type of music out there. For me, I find it all boils down to taste (and whose taste gets publicized and popularized).

That’s not saying that certain types of music aren’t more suitable in some context than others. That’s why I’m saying that if you believe Sacred Music is the best for the Mass, then you’re probably right. It is suitable in the context of religious worship.

That doesn’t mean though that it is the BEST music out there.

Yet one really cannot go wrong with sticking with the traditions that have given us such a beautiful heritage. I am all for tradition and wish that we would stick with it, instead of branching out like some parishes. Some times I walk into a Mass, and feel like I just walked into my local Protestant Church, because the empahsis is all on the wrong thing, example music and who’s doing the solo and all that. I am not saying that this is true across the boards.

Music never became an issue until after Post Vatican to my knowledge.

As to whether Sacred Music - Gregorain Chant and all that stuff as to being the best music out there, it does boil down, I agree to personal taste. I for one, believe it to be the best music out there.

God Bless.

Yes that’s what I really want to talk about here.

I mean, you like Gregorian Chant? Fine.
You listen to it even outside church? Okay.

You say I’m going to hell for not listening to it? makes braking sound Not fine. Not even correct.

I can respect somebody who says it is appropriate for Church. I do NOT respect somebody who thinks it’s the only type of music that should be out there.

Uugggghhhhh. I do hope that you did not read into my post I said you were going to hell for not listening to it? Because I meant nothing of the sort.

Relax. That bit with the “yous” in it is a general statement directed to everyone who might be reading. You can even replace Gregorian Chant with any other kind of music and it’ll still apply.

The point is, as before, just because some music is appropriate in certain situations does not make it the BEST music.

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