Difference between Orthodox Catholicism and Roman Catholicism?

I don’t know if this is the right thread but I wanted to know what are the differences between the two?

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I think you may have anticpated the very topic that I was going to start next, but to clarify it, do you mean when you are saying Orthodox Catholicism the Eastern Churches that are in Communion with Rome? If so, then I will go ahead and start my topic, I just don’t want any duplicates in this forum. :smiley:

The reason I am asking is because I am still unfamiliar with terms.

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In the term Orthodox Catholicism as it is generally used by Catholics, orthodox is an adjective, It is like saying a red-hair Catholic. Some would say if refers to a conservative Catholic or one who does not dissent from any Catholic beliefs. Roman Catholicism, on the other hand, is a term for a group, though it uses two words, like United States, which stands for a single thing.
I suppose some few people would presume that Roman Catholicism refers to Catholics of the Roman rite, though usually this term is not used in this way. If by the term Orthodox Catholicism you mean someone of the Orthodox religion who is of the Catholic religion, that would be an absurdity, since the Orthodox and the Catholics distinguish themselves by these very words (though presume you do not use the term Orthodox Catholicism in this way.)
As far as I know, the Eastern rite Catholics never speak of themselves as Orthodox Catholics. There is nothing wrong of with using words in a novel way if inoffensive to the group involved, but it would be a very unusual way of speaking of Eastern rite Catholics.

I’m guessing that by Orthodox Catholicism, you mean Eastern Catholicism. The only difference is that these churches are in communion with the Bishop of Rome. That really is about it.

Also what do mean by “Roman” Catholicism? Truth be told, the Catholic Church is called just that. The Catholic Church. Many choose to call it the Roman Catholic Church but that is not offically the name that it is called. Here this might explain.


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Wow thanks for providing that link. I learned a great deal. I think it might be time to change my religious status to simply read as Catholic.

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Au contraire, we call ourselves “Orthodox in communion with Rome”.

No idea what an ‘Orthodox Catholic’ is, sounds like a new term. Do you mean an Eastern Catholic or an ‘orthodox’ Catholic?

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