Difference between RC and Orthodox?

I have a Catholic friend, but on her Facebook profile it says she’s an orthodox Catholic. What’s the difference, if any? :confused:

Orthodox Catholics hold to traditions stronger than liberal Catholics. They may tend to like the Latin Mass and are not willing to bend to public pressure to change doctrines and traditions. If the Pope says “no”, then “no” it is - end of discussion.

Liberal Catholics may be more susceptible to the norms of society. Why can’t women be priests? Why do priests have to be celibate? Is contraception really a sin? Is homosexuality a sin? Although not exclusively these ideas, liberal catholics tend to want to change church doctrines and traditions whether the pope agrees with these suggestions or not.

any declaration of this kind is generally self declared…even the folks with the (in my opinion) apostate group Catholics for Choice would call themselves orthodox.

Orthodox simple means “right doctrine” and generally those who aren’t “pick and choose” catholics might apply the term orthodox to themselves.

Thanks for the clarification! I guess I might be considered “orthodox”, too…but I do think Mass in the vernacular is okay, instead of the Latin Mass. It reminds me of the day when people had to read the Bible in Latin instead of in the vernacular…But that’s an argument for another forum!:slight_smile:

Yeah, maybe for another thread… But, back when the Bibles were mostly in Latin, Latin (which was a very static language) was much more widely read than any vernaculars (which tended to change so often).

Basically at the time of the mostly Latin Bible (they did allow vernaculars, you know), if you could read, you could read Latin.

That’s true. In many circles, Liberals don’t tend to call themselves Liberals.

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