Difference Between Scientology and Christian Science?


There is a thread about Scientology, what is Christian Science??? Same thing or what?


Scientology was started by a guy named L. Ron Hubbard and his book Dianetics.

Church of Christ, Scientist was started by a woman named Mary Baker Eddy.

This website has a lot of info about Church of Christ, Scientist


Scientology is a religion based on self.

Christian Science has some basis in Christ.


[quote=Shiann]Scientology was started by a guy named L. Ron Hubbard and his book Dianetics.

I know very little about it, but Hubbard was a science fiction writer
in the 1930s, when a lot of “sophisticated” people believed that everything could be answered/solved by scientists. It seems to have a lot of early pop psychology in it, too.

Church of Christ, Scientist was started by a woman named Mary Baker Eddy.

Christian Science has a lot of good intentions, but people, especially children, have died because they were not provided medical care. *Some *sickness is due to the mind, but most of it isn’t. They do publish a terrific newspaper, though: The Christian Science Monitor has earned some high praise from readers of all sorts of backgrounds for its impartiality in reporting news stories.

The Seventh Day Adventists, who have some similarities to Christian Scientists, do have hospitals and medical schools. They concentrate on diet rather than mumbo jumbo. (They’re Sabbatarian vegetarians.)



Church of Christ, Scientist can be seen as a “Christian” denomination, though not part of traditional Christianity.

The Church of Scientology is not a Christian Church. It is a non-Christian religion/applied religious philosophy.

Scientology began by the works of the writer L. Ron Hubbard, who was a writer. The book that began Scientology was called Dianetics:the Modern Science of Mental Health. There are a few similarities b/w Dianetics and psychology, as both concern the mind. From the book What is Scientology?, “the goal of Dianetics is a new state for the individual…This state is called “Clear”. A Clear is a person who no longer has his own reactive mind and therefore suffers none of the ill effects that the reactive mind can cause”. Basically, through Dianetics, a person can look into his/her past, understand past events, as well as how they effect us. Once we can do this, they no longer can have those subconscious effects on us.

Scientology(meaning “knowing how to know”) posits that man has a mind, body, and spirit(known as the “thetan”). We ARE spiritual beings. Scientology provides tools that allow us to better our lives in every aspect. One of the main concepts is that of ARC-Affinity, reality, and communication, wich are the components of understanding. Scientology focuses on these areas. Many Scientologists then reach the goal of Operating Thetan(OT). This literally means “operating as a spirit”. It is very similar to the Eastern concept of “samadhi”. You’ll see that there are many similarities between Eastern religions and Scientology.
The Church of Christ, Scientist is headquartered in Boston. It is based on the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy, as seen in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. It mainly focuses on the healing power of God, and the benefits of prayer in health. I’m a Scientologist, not a Christian Scientist, so i’m not too familiar with its teachings.


also, Scientology has little to do with science or scientists, as many mistakenly believe. It comes from the literal meaning of its roots, “knowing how to know”, “the study of knowing/knowledge”, etc.

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