Difference between the FSSP and ICKSP

Hey! I know there are two major religious orders for priests which celebrates only the Tridentine mass. I plan to enter seminary after I finish college, and so I’ve been reading and surfing the different websites about the two. Are there any differences between the Priestly Confraternity of St. Peter and the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest? By differences, I mean like certain areas of focus like the Benedictines are known for liturgy and music, Domincans are known for preaching, Jesuits are known for education etc. Both the FSSP and ICKSP have seminaries which teach in French, so it’s no problem for me since I’ve studied quite a bit of French in school.


Here you go, friend :slight_smile:

Some talk about the FSSP and ICRSS on this thread also:


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