Differences and similarities between RC and Episcopal Church

good summary of similarities between Episcopal and Roman catholic Churches

do my Roman Catholic friends believe this is an adequate summary of the similarities and differences between the RC and Episcopal Churches

as an Episcopalean I think it is fine-your thoughts?


The link says video does not exist. :frowning:

I wish the video had been available.

I am a Catholic convert. My father is a retired Episcopal Priest. He had no problems with my conversion I am happy to say.

Being the son of a Priest gave me some unique insights. Most of the similarities are visible on the surface, but certainly it is the closest denomination in my estimation to the CC. The differences chiefly deal with the sacraments. The Arch Bishop of Canterbury and the house of Bishops have no real authority.

The Diocesan Bishop only has limited authority. This can be problematic for a whole multitude of reasons. Catholics go much further in our belief and handling of the Eucharist. It is the body, blood, and presence of Christ, and it is treated that way.

Another important sacrament is the confession. The general prayer of confession in the EC did not lift the weight of sin from my heart the way confessing to a priest has. I love the EC, but I was not a good Christian in comparison to the way I am now as a Catholic. It has changed my life.

To be Catholic is to live the religion. I have a rich prayer life now, and I stay focused. I now attempt to “live” the example of Christ. I must do this in order to effectively bring others the message of Christ. My sins are forgiven, but I am still responsible for them, subject to the grace of God which only he can know.

It took a great deal of misery to get me here, but the trip was entirely worth the cost of the ticket! You know your free to visit anytime right? :smiley: I promise no one will corner you!

Yours in Christ

I was baptized and confirmed in the episcopal church.
I loved the church as a young child. I still have my first book of common prayer. I didn’t grow up in a real religious family. Church was not a priority Iin my family or faith in Jesus.
I was confirmed in the episcopal church when I was 16 and hadn’t attended church in 5 years before I was confirmed. I really didn’t want to be confirmed because I felt like I was supposed to be catholic. When we would say the apostle’s or nicene creed and said we believed in the one holy and catholic church I asked myself why we weren’t catholic then!? I was also having lots of doubts because I did not have a good foundation on the christian faith.
Also I was told that episcopal priests had apostolic succession which I later found was not true.
There is no magesterium or authority in the episcopal church.
The episcopal church does not have transubstantiation.
Many similarities but I learned the differences are significant once I became a catholic.


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