Differences between Ignatius and Oxford Bibles

Is there any differences in translation between the RSV-CE of The Ignatius Bible and the Oxford Bible? They both seem to be printed by Oxford. Do they contain thees/thous? I read a thread from 06 speaking about this but they cited an earlier thread that I can’t find.

I am thinking of buying either the

Oxford Compact Catholic Bible
ISBN13: 9780195288537


the Ignatius Compact Bible

ISBN: 9781586171018

If they are both printed by Oxford (as is the giant print Bible) then the printed text should be the same. This is the RSV-CE translation which does include the ‘thees and thous.’ There is no compact or giant print version of the RSV-2CE (which removed the ‘thees and thous’) out yet, and I get the feeling that there won’t be for a very long time.:shrug:

Thanks for the information CalCatholic

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