Differences in doctrines

My girlfriend which whom I am deeply in love with is Jehova and I am Catholic. We are having differences in beliefs obviously. One of which is “Is our soul mortal”? I believe in heaven and hell, where as she does not.

with all due respect so what??? do u need help with some explanation of a doctrine-----if so be more specific

[quote=altar boy]My girlfriend which whom I am deeply in love with is Jehova and I am Catholic. We are having differences in beliefs obviously. One of which is “Is our soul mortal”? I believe in heaven and hell, where as she does not.

There are several good books on “How to respond to JW’s” Catholic Answers may have one? But you need to get some. Differences of belief, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Take great care in this.

i would say leave her

Hi altar boy and welcome to the Catholic Answers forums!

Since you didn’t really ask a specific question, I thought I’d offer some links to information that Catholic Answers has compiled on JWs:


Use these links to educate yourself on some of the doctrines that JWs adhere to but remember not to use this information to attack her or her faith. Any discussions have to be approached with a sense of charity and compassion.

if she is sincere about her religious beliefs, she should not be dating you, as Witnesses are expected to shun those close to them who do not share their religion and to associate only with their own, with a special aversion to Catholics. If she is committed to JW her only interest in you is to convert you. One’s religion is so integral to one’s identity it is nearly impossible to form a successful marriage relationship with someone whose fundamental beliefs differ from yours, as this erects and almost insurmountable barrier to true intimacy and oneness of purpose and vision for your life together.

Marineboy has the right idea.

Catholics have no business dating non-Catholics. Even with those of non-Catholic Christian denominations, you have a 95%chance of making it to the divorce courts, if your relationship goes in that direction. I have heard of some priests who refuse to officiate the weddings of mixed marriages.

JW’s are intensley anti-Catholic, and their theology is intensley unworkable, illogical, and insane. Forget historical facts, they have there own. By dating her, she risks being disciplined by her cult leaders for it, unless she succeeds in converting you.

Be sure to read the sites provided above, and know what you are dealing with.


[quote=marineboy]i would say leave her

I agree. Unless you are Karl Keating or Jimmy Akin writing under a pseudonym, you are outnumbered, dating the entire Kingdom Hall.

Beat feet.

Peace in Christ…Salmon

altar boy – I know personal information is off limits on the CA Forums but it would help us to know how old you both are. A lot of what you do will depend on that.

The problem that I would have if my daughters or sons were dating outside the Church is that most non-Catholic sects have a tendency towards anti-Catholicism. If they didn’t have at least a modicum of anti-Catholic bent, they would be Catholic. Some sects are more vitriolic in their hatred of anything Catholic, Jehovah’s Witnesses are one of them, as are the Latter Day Saints and Christian Fundamentalist.

I stick to dating Catholic girls to avoid just this problem. Plus, Catholic girls are all better looking too :smiley: . In all seriousness, relationships need as solid a foundation as possible these days and I can’t think of a more solid foundation than Jesus and his Church! There’s nothing more beautiful than going to Mass together I think. Actually, the first date I went on with my girlfriend invloved going to Mass. That probably makes us total Catholic nerds/dorks, but hey, it works :love: .

New JW’s may not be aware that there is a heaven according to the teaching.

However it is reserved for the 144,000 who have a “heavenly hope”. It is these who will rule the Earth in the coming theocracy under the leadership of Jesus.

JW’s are taught not to aspire to heaven, because most of the slots were already alloted to historical figures and earlier prominant JW’s. The Watchtower actually has a list of those whom they believe are included in that number.

So to be blunt about it, according to the Watchtower there is a heaven, but not for her.

I would encourage anyone who has a chance to meet a JW on a personal level to do so, and cultivate the friendship. They need all the friends that they can get.

Additionally it is the cultural isolation that is the strongest tool the Watchtower has for controlling their followers. Those who can keep friends outside of the Kingdom Hall have the best long term prospects of escaping if their mind turns to it.

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