Differences in NO mass verses the TLM

Firstly- I do not intend to cause any controversy or negativity for either form. But as a new Catholic, and after reading a few threads here- I am very curious about the exact, and major differences between the two forms. I had thought it was just that TLM was in Latin!

A recent thread said that many prayers had been changed. Is there a reference where I can compare the prayers from the two forms, but in English?

If this is too controversial, links to Catholic sites where I can educate myself are welcomed!

Other than the Latin the second biggest difference is in the Extraordinary Form(TLM) the priest faces the Tabernacle and not the people. In the Ordinary Form (Novus Ordo) the priest faces the people.


You are wrong with both statements. The OF can be and is celebrated in Latin with the priest facing ad orientem. There are a couple of web sites that do a prayer to prayer comparison ( the Masses are very similar) however be careful that some of those web sites make very anti-Catholic remarks claiming that one Form of the Mass is better than the other. Having deep personal preferences for one over the other is acctable, natural, and part of being a member of the universal Church.

Thanks for correcting me, but generally the ordinary form is facing the people.

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