Differences with other major religions and Christianity


So while in a debate I came upon the question. What is the difference between christian (catholics) and the belief in Islam. And for that matter Muslim belief and Islam belief. I feel i know Jewish beliefs well enough but if some one want to help on that, then that would be great. I want big differences not small acute ones. I want to know what really seperates all these major religions apart. HELP!!! thanks.


Muslim and Islam are two different words for exactly the same faith - the one based upon the Prophet Muhammad.


This site should give you a starting point


“Comparing Christianity and Islam: the world’s two largest religions”

The Christianity is not specifically Catholic in the comparison, however.

Other possibilities
(Judaism, Christianity and Islam)

The problem comes in that all three of the religions have a fairly wide continuum of belief and practice within each of them that comparison between the three groups can be difficult.

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