Different Bible Versions for Lectionary and Missal

I drove all over the internet and was surprised this question isn’t more common - I could not find an answer.

Why is there a difference between the bible translation of the Lectionary and Book of Gospels, and the missals in the pews?

Which translations do each use?

That’s strange. My missal (OF) matches the lectionary. Also, the lectionary contains the Gospel readings. What missal do you use?

It depends which Missal and which Lectionary…
Different Bishops’ Conferences have elected to use different English Bible translations. In Canada, we use the NRSV:CE. In the US, the NAB is used. In England and Wales, I believe the Jerusalem Bible is used.

Assuming that when in Canada, the church does not buy American missals or visa versa, there should be not difference unless the Lectionary is out dated.

There should not be a difference.

If there is, one or the other is out of date.

When there is a new translation of the Bible it takes time to make the changes in the books needed for Mass and other Sacraments. It can only be done when the new official translation is approved. The most important books are revised first and then lesser important come after. It also depends upon if there are more than one publisher printing the different books how fast the changes will be.

And any difference usually does not amount to a hill of beans.

Is OCP’s “Breaking Bread” published in a Canadian edition? I know some Canadian parishes use that one and unless OCP has a Canadian edition the readings would be from the NAB rather than from the revised translation of the NRSV approved for Mass in 2009.

At the end of the Liturgical Year last time, the word “dissolved” was uttered in one of the readings. As though various permanent geographical features would be gently washed away at the end of time. Perhaps we were getting the reading for children?

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