Different Catholic Faiths? ie: Old Catholic Church?

Hello fellow Catholics,

My brother is looking at joining the Old Holy Catholic Church holycatholicchurch.net and will become a priest through them. He is an ordained minister through the Episcipalian Church.

He said that they are in communion with the Holy See of Rome.

Does anyone know of this and can show me where to find this information? He told me the Bishops have Apostolic Succession which grants them the ability to ordain priests…

Please, if anyone has any information, please let me know asap.

Thank you very much!

In Christ and His Church,


I don’t know anything abou the group, but you can’t get past the 1st page on their web site.

“The Holy Catholic Church is an independent self-governing Catholic denomination.”

Isn’t that a self contradictory discription?

“We ordain men and women” No need to look any further.

They cannot possibly be in “full” communion with the Catholic Church.

It just looks like they’ve selected a limited number of teachings from which they descent.


He is delirious. This is a breakaway group that may have “apostolic” succession but if they are “independent” they are not catholic nor are they truly Apostolic. Ask him to show you documentation that shows them to be in communion with the Holy See.

If they are “ordaining” women to the priesthood, they are attempting an impossibility.

yes, this line is:

The Holy Catholic Church is an autocephalous “independent” catholic denomination. We began almost 10 years ago

Hmm, I think many of the Eastern Churches would consider themselves to be self governing yet they are in full communion with the Pope. For example, the Maronite Church have their own bishops and “reporting structure” that is independant of Rome yet their Patriarch is in full communion with the Pope. So that in and of itself is not a proof of them not being in communion with the Pope.

That said, I also have never heard of this church. I’ll have to go check out the link.

Read the definition of Apostolic succesion on this site and see what you think:


By defnition, they are not in communion with the Church.

Okay, I believe it is the sixth line down…they ordain men and women. No way they can be in communion with the Pope if they ordain women. Your brother is wrong.

Future goal on the site:

We seek reconciliation between Christian denominations. We strive to be ecumenical and inclusive.

I hope the group will reconcile with the Church too.

As Fr. Corapi once said of groups like this…“RUN don’t walk to the nearest exit”

I am sure your brother is most sincere, but the “church” he is entering sounds like all the rest of the “start-ups”, picking and choosing which doctrins to uphold and which to discard depending on their own agenda.

A church that started 10 years ago or one established at Penticost 2000 years ago.:rolleyes:

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