Different Denomination in Different Religions?

As in are there different denominations in the major religions of the world?

are there even different denominations of non-mainline Christianity? IE LDS, JWs, and SDAs?

I am aware of some sixty different denominations in the “church of christ” that I was raised in and converted, highly ironic for a denomination whose goal is Christain Unity.

There are several different divisions in the Mormon church, community of Christ, temple lot cofjclds, the strangites (not making that up!),and the polygamous Mormon churches of course.

Several divisions in the SDAs.

The JWs I do not think so, I think they are too tightly controled by their Brooklyn Hierarchy to allow it.

Islam has the Sunnis and the Shi’ites. Sufi mystics would be considered substantially different enough to be considered to have aspects of both Catholic religious orders and a denomination, although they’re not really quite like either.

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