different denominations


im doing a project at school on ireland on all the information ive been given about religeon it says that there are two main religeons ive always thought that catholic and protestant were two denominations of the same faith not two different religeons
what do you think


Many times “religion” and “denomination” are used interchangeably.

Catholicism is separate and distinct from any other Christian denomination, but both Catholics and non-Catholics who profess belief in the Trinity can properly be termed Christians.

In Ireland, I would guess that the Church of England and the Catholic Church are the two dominant churches. I’m sure there are others, and non-Christian religions as well.


The Catholic Church teaches that those who have been baptized in the trinitarian rite (In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit) are Christians but are not in full communion with the Catholic Church if they are Protestants.

Different religions are defined as having more differences than things in common their in beliefs, such as Islam is not Christianity and Hinduism is not Islam, etc. because what they each believe is too far from one another.


There is ONE Church. Then there are several communities or denominations. There cannot be several churches. Christ founded ONE Church. Outside from it are other Christians who live in Communities or denominations.

Put another way: a £1 coin is a one pound coin. 50p 20p 10p 2p 1p are all valid currency, that is denominations of currency but they are not the £1 coin. There is but one £1 coin :slight_smile:


Let us not forget about the Othodox who split from Rome in 1054 and are much closer to Catholicism than the protestants


I think you nailed it! :thumbsup:

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