Different feeling tonight praying Rosary

I experienced a different sort of feeling tonight when praying the Rosary and wondered if it was of any significance. It felt very much like cold chills, my room is not cold, I have the thermostat set at 20°C (68°F for those in the US)

For me, 68 degrees would be cold! My thermostat is on 72. :slight_smile:

Prayer is prayer, whether you feel anything special or not. It is a wonderful devotion to meditate on the life of our Lord, with our Blessed Mother!

I learned recently on an Alpha retreat that using feelings to judge something like that is a bad idea.

Disregard your feelings when you pray, as we’re not supposed to follow them. Prayer is an act of the will, and as such should not be governed or judged by how it makes us feel. Some of the greatest saints suffered the most during their prayer.

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