Different Liturgy Customs around the world


I have a Parish dinner on May 5th.
My assignment is to create a Quiz about different Liturgy Customs compared to the USA.
EG In Hong Kong the "Sign of Peace is a head bow, not a hand shake.
In Rwanda, they Stand and Clap during the Consecration.
In Croatia they Celebrate Palm Sunday with Olive Branches, not palms.

I can use up to 17 more for the Dinner quiz. Please Help if possible.




In the Eastern European countries, they use pussywillow branches instead of palms on Palm Sunday (they don’t exactly have an abundance of palm trees in Siberia). I don’t know if that’s too close to what you already have for Croatia, though.


I was in Malaysia recently and their sign of peace is a Thai-style wai – bow with palms pressed together just above chest level.


There was a pretty recent thread on vestment colors: in Japan, for funerals, the color is white.

In Germany, ashes are sprinkled on the head, not “smudged.”


In Poland and other former Eastern bloc countries, it is customary for penitents to kiss the end of the priests’ stole after confession.


Are you confined to the Latin Catholic Church or can you choose from any of the sui iuris Eastern Catholic Churches?


Australia: I rarely shake hands just say “peace be with you” but it differs between parishes and people.
Some people used Eucalyptus (Gum tree ) on Palm Sunday here.


Not really, I only ever encountered the tracing of a cross on the forehead. And I’ve lived in quite different parts and dioceses in Germany.

But I do have a difference: no formal act of contrition is said after confessing your sins. You can if you want to but it’s just not expected.


Thank you all for helping with my Liturgy Quiz - Various Customs.
I’m now ready to test my fellow parishioners.
That was very nice of you.



I am a day late and a dollar short I’m responding, but I wanted to mention you’re totally on point! My bad; I was misinformed / misremembering this picture: news.va/en/news/pope-homily-at-santa-sabina
discussed here on CAF ages ago.

I must have associated the ashes with the the PE’s native Germany.


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