Different Masses


I never get to got to the vigil or the Sunday Mass here in the US. But I have before. It’s a transportation problem I have discussed it with my Parish Priest. But the Masses in the weekday are much shorter than on the Sunday Mass. There is no singing which is a relief to me personally. Anyway there’s no procession either. There is a crucifix on a pole in the regular Mass. Are these different liturgies called something different? It’s a weekday and Sunday Mass that is different. Can someone point out something to me that might be in my copy of the CCC?


I had difficulty finding it in the Catechism, but isn’t there also one reading less during the weekday masses?


Daily Mass is slightly different that Mass on a solemnity. If the weekday is also a solemnity (e.g. Christmas on Wednesday for instance) you have the same format you normally see on Sundays because every Sunday is a solemnity.

The reason you can’t find any mention of the differences in the CCC is that is the wrong document to look in. The document you want to look in it the General Instructions of the Roman Missal (GIRM) available at vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/ccdds/documents/rc_con_ccdds_doc_20030317_ordinamento-messale_en.html

The information you are asking about is covered in GIRM 352-367


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