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I was just reading a website of a Passionist monastery and I realized that I've always been drawn to them in a way.. I dont know if I would ever be a nun, but I was wondering, do they have lay Passionists, like they do for Carmelites? how would a person go about becoming this? and if they are a lay Passionist, can they ever become a Passionist nun if God calls them?

I was also wondering if anyone has any information on the different charisms of religious orders... how are Dominicans different from the Carmelites? etc. I know a little about how the orders started, but - how is their charism different?

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Yes they do. I am a lay Passionist (as was St Gemma Galgani) :slight_smile:

There would be no problem becoming a lay Passionist, and later becoming a nun (if you are truly called, obviously)

There is a group forum on CAF HERE

There is a website HERE (it has info on becoming a lay Passionist)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I don’t know which website of Passionist Nuns you were looking at but if you were glancing at the one for Whitesville, KY, they have an older woman there named Sr. Christie who is a Passionist Oblate. She received special permission to enter the cloister and live with the nuns and has been doing so for at least 2 years.

As for the different religious orders, this is a good resource:



Thank you very much!! :)

does anyone know if there are any traditional Passionist monasteries, I mean those that have the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (and are in communion with Pope Benedict) ?

Also if anyone knows, is there any order that is dedicated to consoling Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament? Can this be part of the Passionist charism, or is it a little different?

God bless!


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