Different Placement for Stigmata?


Hello, I have read that the stigmata has manifested differently in different people.
Specifically, some have holes in the wrist while some have it more on the hand. The word used in the Bible can refer to both of these places.

This topic is to address two things: 1) is this true?
2) if it is true, why would they be different for two different saints? I am aware that not all stigmata sufferers are necessarily saints and that this may be able to be done by præternatural phenomena, but if this has happened to two confirmed saints then I do not think that is a viable option.
The issue comes because we have Christ who was Crucified in real history, and He either had holes in wrist or in hand.


According to the Catholic Education site crucifixion was through the wrists.


Personally, I think it would make sense for them to be where the recipient thought the Wounds of Christ were. However…If both cases of stigmata are genuine, why does it matter where they are?


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