Different religions and Jesus


The “Once a catholic,always a catholic” idea must be swept away. The reason: some catholics do indeed say this out of ignorance and believe that catholicism is the “BEST” religion and believe their religion superior to others. they need to have concern for people who convert to another religion out of catholicism. Jesus and God may have called them out of the catholic faith for a reason,whatever that may be.

On the same token: some people/churches believe speaking in tongues is required and if you don't speak in tongues,you are not saved. 

  Jesus once said to me "It doesn't matter who you are,wether it be a catholic,baptist,episcopialian etc. I still love you and you are still my child. I love you no matter what"


Of course God loves you if you’re not Catholic, non-Catholics can be saved also—Anyone seeking Truth (which is God) shall find Him. But I say it is safest while being a part of the Catholic Church, safest as in it is (or should be) harder to fall away. We are a family dear child.

P.S. I’m a former Protestant by the way :smiley:

God bless you.


Of course God loves you if you’re not Catholic, non-Catholics can be saved also—Anyone seeking Truth (which is God) shall find Him. But I say it is safest while being a part of the Catholic Church, safest as in it is (or should be) harder to fall away. We are a family dear child

Yup yup! I hope this thread doesnt turn into a less than charitable one as they sometimes do. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ!


Jesus loves everyone, no matter what religion they belong to. The words you heard are completely true.

However, that doesn’t mean that what religion people belong to is unimportant, though. If it was unimportant and all religions lead to God, then Jesus wouldn’t have commanded His disciples right before He ascended into Heaven to preach and spread the Good News throughout the world. The apostles learned from Jesus and so taught that humans are saved from their sins through faith in Jesus Christ, and as Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me.” Through Jesus alone are people around the world saved.

Therefore the religion does matter. And to be saved through Jesus, one must believe His words (if one hears them), because otherwise one has no faith in Jesus. And if one has no faith in Jesus, one is rejecting Him, and if one is rejecting Him, how can that one be forced to accept Him and love Him? To be a devout member of the Catholic Church is to believe His words, thus loving Him and accepting Him as He is, rather than as we would make Him of our own wills.

The religion does matter, yet it is true that God can save members of other religions by bringing them into His Church after death, through Purgatory. Jesus saves in His way, of His choosing. It is not for us to forge our own ways, religions partly untrue to His doctrines, where they differ from the truth as expressed by the Holy Spirit through the Catholic Church.

I’m a former Protestant too, like the Catholic, and I know that in Protestantism, there is real experience of union with God and there are real relationships with Jesus. The same Jesus I came to know as a Protestant ultimately led me to the Catholic Church, and I realized at that time that many of the beliefs I’d previously held were in fact not correct. Jesus still loved me- He loves everyone. God is Love. Yet to come into perfect union with that love, we must deny ourselves and believe Him as He speaks, trusting in all the truth He has revealed, and that is what being a Catholic means. For in the bosom of the Church He made is the Holy Spirit which “will lead you into all truth,” Jesus is recorded as having said in the Gospels. The perfection of truth and relationship with God in Christ that Jesus wanted us to have is found in the Catholic Church, the beautiful entity He created. We could not do better than to believe her :).

Where other religions differ from the Holy Spirit that speaks through the Catholic Church, they are wrong. I know that from experience- I’ve lived in that error, to my own hurt. It did damage to my soul to disbelieve important pieces of what Jesus revealed through His Church. My Protestant unbelief in the Catholic Church’s teachings kept me from experiencing so, SO much of Jesus’ glory that I have since rejoiced in, with Him. I have seen so much to delight my soul in Jesus that I had never seen before, even though I knew and loved Him, because I only could experience and rejoice in Him insofar as I believed Him, and through my own mistakes I didn’t believe the completeness of what He revealed, all of which is made known through and in the Catholic Church.

How blessed we are! How phenomenally blessed. It is the blessing of Christ having made known to the world ALL of what He wants them to know concerning the light of salvation, the totality of revelation. That is the glorious nature of the Catholic Church. It has nothing by halves, nothing in pieces, no fragments of truth with bits of lies or errors thrown into its doctrines; Jesus preserved it from all error. Having my errors exposed and then coming into that blessed, Heavenly light has created deeper unity with Jesus than I ever had before, and has created great joy within me. I can never describe how much I have gained, so don’t tell me that the errors of Protestantism that I left are “just as good” as the lights of Catholicism! Truth, in its nature, is consistent. I did not have truths then that I lack now- I had errors and lies where now I can see light, and in that light, which is the Catholic Church, I am with Jesus in many parts of my soul where before I could not experience Him because I shut out (accidentally) part of His teaching.

Truth is consistent. Different religions have directly contradictory teachings to one another, so their words are by logical necessity partly in error. There can only be one religion that is entirely true, if there is any, because they all contradict one another in parts. Therefore it is impossible that they be all equal.

The one completely true religion, according to Jesus Christ, is the Catholic Church, and that is what I have experienced as stunning reality through conversion into this faith.

There are pieces of truth in all the other religions on Earth, I expect, and in those pieces of truth, people can experience God truly and be drawn partially into union with Him, insofar as they are true. However, pieces can never match up to the whole for the level of union with God they can deliver. If I have a fragment of a photograph of a human, I will not know so perfectly what that human looks like as I will if I have the whole photograph intact. My internal change from believing lies and errors to seeing how they are wrong and knowing truth, and then having that truth transform me through far deeper union with Christ, proves to me the reality behind this logic.

May Christ light the way of all of us; God bless you :slight_smile: :).


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