Different religions in my family

my mom was baptist my dad was brethren , when they got married my mom became brethren ,my older sister was brethren then became lutheran,my brother brethren than baptist ,my middle sister brethren ,now spiritualist , me I wasn’t into brethren or baptist , I became catholic ,my half brother pentecostal .
my mid sis and I don’t discuss religion on a regular basis we respect each other ,my brother version of religion is twisted like my old sister and half brother , I keep telling them that the only bible they should listen to is Jesus , why because for various reasons they believe that the bible claims certain aspects that doesn’t quite go w Jesus teachings or that Mary was Jesus mom . I ignore then the best I can but sadly they try to spew their nonsense to me my brothers feel its nessacary . I feel its nonsense .

I sympathize. I might suggest that if you wish to explain your Catholic viewpoint, remember Scripture is the foundation, but the Catholic Church, first gave everyone else the bible, and secondly, the teaching authority of the Church, the Magisterium, is the lens through which we see the Bible. We Catholics have one unified teaching on matters of faith and morals, whereas every protestant minister in every Protestant church is his or her own pope. That’s why there are so many different non Roman denominations.

I think you are wise to try to stay out of the conversations. Speak your truth quietly but firmly, and be prepared to be vehemently disagreed with. It comes with the territory of being Catholic.

I agree joeybaggz

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