Different ways of handling the Thurible

Have you ever noticed that some of the Orders handle the Thurible differently? In the “tridentine” the Thurible is swung with some emphasis (not like in the Eastern Rites). However, the Dominicans do not swing but rather elevate the Thurible. I’m curious how they handle it in, say, the Ambrosian and other Rites.

Anyone have any knowledge of this?

I can’t say that I have noticed this. As it was, it took me until almost young adulthood to realize that the priest was making the sign of the cross with the thurible.

But for the all-time best way of handling a thurible, my vote has to go to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where about a dozen men swing the giant botafumeiro from the ceiling. THAT is cool.:cool:

Well, in the Ambrosian Rite, the thurible has no cover (which is the older practice; cf. the thurible in this mosaic of Emperor Justinian I and his attendants in San Vitale, Ravenna) is swung in a complicated pattern of circles.

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