Differnt power of certain prayer (forms)?


I was wondering if such an understanding of prayer is true to the teachings of the church. I read often about “very powerful” prayer routines such as the rosary, but I don´t know if they are so powerful (and more powerful than other prayers?) out of its own or because they simply work very good for the people, in the way that they “match” the human nature well and help to say things in the right way.
In other words, what weights more, the power of the words and the form of certain prayers or the connection of wise chosen words with the human soul?
I use to pray the jesus prayer often and this is such a prayer I experienced as extremely powerful, to the level of being strong against physical pain, fear and despair, and I didn´t experienced it like this with other prayers.
Thoughts? :wink:


The form does weigh, for example “liturgy of the hours” results in imposing a schedule which effectively has you organizing your time around worship.

This varies, the words were carefully chosen and “distilled” over the millennia with “inspiration” from the Holy Spirit when taken from psalms for example or from a particular saint or magisterium.

Here comes the trick, certain prayers are more significant to us at a certain moment of our pilgrimage and spiritual life. Prayer guides us, if done contemplating, thus my own contemplation of prayer has continuously changed with the years. Especially so when “fruits of the Holy Spirit” have taken root in ourselves and the lessons taken from prayer become firmly interior and part of our cognition.

Ave Maria never fails for me :slight_smile:


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