"Difficult" Ireland Must Ratify Lisbon Treaty or Lose International Influence:

By Hilary White DUBLIN, October 28, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The Republic of Ireland can save its image in the European Union, but only if the country will stop being “difficult” and ratify the Lisbon Treaty, says a prominent EU representative. Secretary General of the European Commission,…

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Ah yes. The political terrorism of Socialism at work.

Keep your backbone, Ireland!

G_D knows, we can’t have any more uppity Irish.


Ah yes. The insight of the reflex reaction.

I call it like it is. :shrug:

I don´t know why the americans say such many times the word socialism in EU. Both US and Europe are liberal, ruled by the great corporations and the middle and small business are destroyed by this economic dumping and the great business remain.
And from Ireland, they will accept the treaty because Ireland as my country are the shadow of they were. They aren´t catolics, they believe that they are more wise and realistic for not believing in God and not going to the mass, and in Ireland there are lot of nigerians spreading AIDS and other diseases and mass media pro-immigration and multiracialism are very happy. And now for celebreting Obama is going to win.
It´s very sad but understandable.

No. You call it as YOU see it. Whether that matches with the reality of the situation is debatable.

=Franze;4356821] and in Ireland there are lot of nigerians spreading AIDS and other diseases

That is a most objectionable and racist comment - not to mention utterly without foundation.

It’s silly alright and as an Irish citizen myself I find it emberassing - most immigrants in Ireland are from areas of Eastern Europe and are there for exactly the same reason the Irish emmigrated. They want to make a better life for themselves. A fair few of them will ike when Lithuanians and Poles emigrated to Ireland last in the 1880’s end up making homes for themselves and integrating with the country - it might be revealing for Franze to look up how many Irish figures have Lithuanian or Polish Jewish roots for example. In that case the emigrants didn’t inter-marry generally been Jewish in the cose of Poles etc. they will as most of them are young people and nature will take it’s course. I met my own wife because she is an emigrant who wanted a better life.

As to Nigerians to accuse them of coming to the country to spread AIDS it’s a disgusting stereotype -right up there with the ones from the past about the dirty Irish for example. There is a significant Nigerian community in some areas of Ireland (although really there aren’t that many in absolute figures) and many of those people have integrated well with the host community as has the Muslim community largely in Ireland. With the latter when one idiotic Imam who had come to the country from the middle east recently started going on about the decadence of the place the Muslim culturual centre he worked for prompty sacked him and said they had not truck with this nonsense. I worry about this upsurge though of little Irelander thinking that seems to be on the increase in recent years. I would have voted against the Lison treaty but I would have based that vote on the fact that if you read the documents for it you will see it strips a great deal of national sovreignty away from member states. For small states like the republic of Ireland which fought bitterly and took centuries to acquire some level of self-determination this is worrying. It is noticeable the chief supporters of Ireland on this position such as Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland etc. often have common historical experiences.

I think from the Irish point of view, the EU is just England, except bigger - nothing good can come of union. I think the Irish need to retain their independence. :irish2:

Hey! I resemble that, 'sea, mhuise!

You’d think that they want to be as FAR from influencing those wacky continentals as possible, crazy euroloons…


I just read something that brought a chill to my soul and firmed up my support for Ireland’s rejection of the Treaty of Lisbon. According to the SOIE (Stop Islamisation of Europe) blogsite,
previous versions of the Lisbon treaty included both prohibitions against sexual discrimination, and protocols to exclude pedophilia from these prohibitions. In other words, pedophilia could not be declared or considered a protected sexual orientation. The Lisbon Treaty, on the other hand, has no such prohibition. In other words, signing the Lisbon Treaty means decriminalization of pedophilia.


Not true - however a more pressing and real concern is that the treaty could eventually lead to Ireland having to cede it’s position regarding abortion which was of great concern to some voters.

Europe is socialist but not specifically Marxist. The German SPD is a representative party in a system that might be called a variety of state socialism. In the’ 60s, it renounced marxism as a ruling ideology, but retained a faith in a political system ruled by elites. The CDU is not much different, nor the the FDP. All are involved in a partnership with the capitalists, with the understanding that the people have all the goodies they want, but especially in Germany they be secure from womb to tomb. Paternalism is perhaps a better term than socialism.

That’s all the various countries of Europe summed up then using the German example only. Ireland is part of Europe, are we socialist - not the last time I looked at our politicians.

May the Irish continue to save civilization.

We try, but the continual demands for “pots-o-gold” make us feel like we’re swinin’ up the An Laoi with inadequate swim-flippers!



Methinks you might need to brush up on the cupla focal:smiley:

Most assuredly that! :slight_smile:

I do have THIS at hand though: My own “Pota Focal”, which MAY hold more than a mere “cupla” focal!

My Gaelainn, er Gaeilge, or whatever, is atrocious, nearly nonexistent, but desired by me, though I can never quite work up the motivation to expend the energy necessary to get what I say I want, which sin I’m always, very hypocritically, complaining that others commit! 'Sea, mhuise!

Irish speaker: An dtuigeann tú Gaelainn?

Moi: Ní thuigim.


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