"Difficulties" by Arnold Lunn and Ronald Knox


Has anyone read a classic work of apologetics, “Difficulties: Being a Correspondence about the Catholic Religion between Ronald Knox and Arnold Lunn”? I came across a reference to it in THIS ROCK or ENVOY or maybe in one of Karl Keating’s books, and had the good fortune of discovering a copy in my parish library. It was first published in 1932, reprinted in 1952, and is an exchange of letters between Lunn, an Anglican, and Msgr. Knox, a renowned writer, apologist, and RC priest in the early 20th century. Wow, this is good stuff! Lunn raises criticisms and difficulties from an Anglican and Protestant perspective and Knox responds. Their letters are lengthy, gracious, pointed, well-informed, gentlemanly, and written with such facility of the English language that we don’t much see these days (Catholic Answers staff excepted, of course!). I’m sure the book is out of print, but if your public library doesn’t have it, the librarian can probably borrow it for you through inter-library loan.

By the way, Lunn converted to the Catholic faith about two years after the correspondence ended. The 1952 edition that I read has two concluding letters, one each from Lunn and Knox, written 20 years later, which reflect on the themes of the correspondence, Lunn’s subsequent conversion, and Knox’s joy (in a restrained, English gentleman’s sort of way!) of seeing his friend at last received into the Church.

Seek out and read this one, friends. It’s worth it!


I second the recommendation.



Does anyone knows if this work is already reprinted or is avibal with a different title ?

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