Difficulties in meditation


I’ve been trying to meditate every day. I’m starting small, with a series of books called In Conversation with God. I’ll read 3 short passages about the day’s Gospel with 2 minutes of meditation after each. Even during those 2 minutes, however, I am constantly getting distracted, and most times I’ll find that after the two minutes, I haven’t really thought at all about what I just read. Does anyone have any tips?


Just read one passage, not three. Perhaps keep a journal of your thoughts after reading the passage. Distraction happens with all kinds of prayer. Just go back to what you are meditating on when you realize you are off track.


I agree, do one at a time. Also I’d suggest giving it a few days in between. This is Christian mediation, so we are called to a conversation with God, so we aren’t so good at listening (my opinion) so it may take a while to hear what He wants to say on the matter and cos we are terrible listeners the ‘point’ of the meditation often comes back to you at other times way after the ‘mediation period’ is finished. Like say for instance your mediation is on ‘sin’ then maybe that Sunday gospel will ‘speak’ to you in a profound way or someone will say something that makes you think about a past sin, or sparks thoughts about how you have been judging someone for sins you’ve done yourself. I am just saying, there is no rush… it is not about getting it done, let God teach you how to listen to Him, it takes time and effort. Slow things down a bit. Oh and I totally agree about the journal too, great idea. God bless


Try this https://www.cpt.org/files/WS%20-%20Centering%20Prayer.pdf

Been using doing it for over 35 years.



Ask God to remove all distractions from your prayer, and ask our Lady and the Saints (two or three of you personal patrons) to pray to God for you that you might receive the same grace.


Any time we begin something new, we are bad at it. Prayer requires focus, but we are bad at focusing.

I would suggest meditating for a shorter amount of time but very consistently every day, trying for the same time each day. That will help your mind learn to focus.


Don’t give up and do not beat yourself up over distractions. You will get better over time. Read the following on Catholic meditation. http://www.ewtn.com/library/curia/cdfmed.htm.


In response to then Cardinal Ratzinger’s 1989 “Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on Some Aspects of Christian Meditation.” This was written by Thomas Keating in response to questions about that letter and Centering Prayer.


EWTN had it wrong



I’ve had this problem ever since I began to pray/meditate over 50 years ago. It’s part of who I am so I don’t get upset. As a writer I saw recently said, just as there are no bad crayon pictures from a grandchild, there are no bad prayer/meditation times with God.


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