Difficulty with Sister


I am a sixteen-year-old devout Catholic with a very strong faith. My older sister says she believes in God, but she often says things that offend me. She makes comments about Jesus, the Bible, and other aspects of faith life that she “doesn’t agree with” or “doesn’t believe in.” It seems as though she is trying to come up with her new religion! Remembering the Beatitudes helps me suffer through this in silence, but many things she says hurt me. (Her most recent idea is that people in other religions should be left alone because “they’re not hurting anyone,” rather than have the gospel spread to them). If I get angry, she accuses me of being intolerant. I know that showing love and leading by example is the proper Christian response,but how do I get through this? It gets grating to listen to every single day!


Perhaps just say something like ‘these are things we both feel strongly about, but it’s obvious that we don’t agree on them and probably won’t even if we talk about them for hours. Rather than arguing about them, how about we agree to disagree and leave it at that?’


Pray for her…also, think of this quote…

“Preach Always, When Necessary Use Words”
(St Francis of Assisi)

Also, there is a book called “Search and Rescue” by Patrick Madrid. Its a great and easy read that helps you bring others home to the Catholic Church.


Teenage years are a time of rebelion. It is important for her to work through these things in her own mind and the things she is saying are helping her to work through them. Keep in mind she has free will and people who choose other religions also have free will. While you can expose people to the truth you can’t force them to believe. Live by example, pray and help keep her calm. When she isn’t backed into a corner and arguing but calm and receptive, it will be easier for her to hear God’s call.


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