Digging for the Truth on "The DaVinci Code"

I like the History Channel, especially when they do something right like proove beyond any shadow of a doubt that The DaVinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail were flat out fiction.

Here is a link that sums up what was said on “The DaVinci Code”.

What was remarkable is that Josh Bernstein took DNA samples of members of the Syriac Orthodox Church and compared it to the DNA of some French Merovingian queen who is documented to be in the royal “bloodline”. Her DNA revealed that she had not a speck of Middle Eastern ancestry in her DNA.

If you ever have the opportunity, look out for this particular program whenever it airs again.

I remember seeing this episode when it first aired last year and thought it was very good. I was glad to see how it brought out the truth that the whole “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” theory was a hoax and that The DaVinci Code has no historical accuracy whatsoever.

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