‘Digisexuals’ Demand Human Rights At UN To Have Sex With AI Robots

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Stephen Spielberg did a movie about this called AI featuring a robot played by Jude Law - I could see the appeal ! No but seriously most people would not be about to afford or access this sort of Thing so even if became a thing, it would be a novelty and no different really from other technology designed for this sort of thing (not that I’m saying I agree with it but it just seems like silly season in the media rn)

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Is anybody really surprised?
People are just looking for bigger thrills.

Or else they’re so socially inept they can’t seduce another human.


Thanks CAF you officially ruined Terminator, Star Trek Next Generation, and Doctor Who for me…

Ya all stay away from my toaster ya hear… :rage:


Ezechiel 16:17, Douay: “And thou tookest thy beautiful vessels, of my gold, and my silver, which I gave thee, and thou madest thee images of men, and hast committed fornication with them.”


This is SICK AND TOTALLY DISGUSTING! Yes possibly technology has caused humanity to go mad. I mean really. Demand rights at the UN, they should BEG for mental health interventions because they are in desperate need of it. God have mercy on us and on the whole world.


That’s really all that needs to be said.


Human beings: “We’re already adrift in a sea of meaningless atheism and pleasure seeking, and technology has only further atomized our society leading to ever increasing rates of isolation, depression, anxiety, and suicide.”

Also human beings: “we’d better start having sex with robots”


Some of my favorite sci-fi books is “I Robot” and other wonderful creations of Isaac Asimov. He was one of the deepest thinkers of our times, and contemplated this question. Another great book was “Virtual Girl” by Amy Thompson looking at the topic from the “other end”. Fabulously written.

I’d imagine having sex at the UN would be very akward.


That pretty well sums it up.

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Also it’s delusional. What these people have is not AI: they have complex masturbation tools.


There is no reason to post an article like this. It is the definition of insanity.

How is this a social justice issue?

In my view, this a promotional post.

I guarantee all of these people own multiple waifu body pillows

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How can one have a sexual orientation for something that is artificial? Normally we call that a fetish.

I was thinking of the Futurama episode “I Dated a Robot”.

Or it is just easier to sculpt an AI that pleases you than it is to deal with a human that might gasp have a single imperfection!


This digisexual thing is serious. I know plenty of people who say they want this type of thing and don’t see it as perverted or even just distasteful at all and think it will be the norm.

Just another way to not have to face reality and accept things the way they are and deal with them. Sad very very sad.

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We can’t oppose what we don’t know exists.

This is a moral issue.

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