Digital Bible Pops Up in More Pews, Pulpits

Not too long ago, the sight of someone using an electronic device during a worship service might lead an observer to assume that person was not fully engaged. But not anymore. Reading the Bible used to mean reading a book, but increasingly, people are getting the Word on smartphones, iPads and other electronic devices.


Being a new person to the Catholic Church, I can relate to this. I have so much valuable information on my Iphone. I do have an e-bible, rosary, prayers for many, information on the Saints, and yes, even this site on my phone.

I am currently memorizing so much. I’d love to be able to pull out my iphone during Mass and recite with confidence, however, If I did that, I’m sure it would be much longer before I memorized it all. I also am sure that people would look at me with disgust, “oh look, she’s texting during mass”.

*]So for now, I’ll continue to memorize and use the information, stored on my phone, away from Mass. It’s still tempting though…

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