I was trying to learn about how Catholics who are gay deal with their sexual orientation and came across dignityusa.org. It sounds like this organization is trying to get the church to allow gays to stay that way or change the teachings of the church. This seems completely against Catholicism yet they seem to think they’re catholic on doing this. Any comments on this group?

I looked at the site and it is clear that this group of people want to change the teachings of the Catholic Church to suit their sexual activities. They are part of the Church in that they were baptised and confirmed, but they have effectively ex-communicated themselves by demanding that the Church denies their sin and redefines marriage.

There are people who bear the cross of same sex attraction who are very devout Catholics living chaste lives (as all single Catholics are supposed to). On EWTN, a couple of priests discussed attending a conference for practicing Catholics suffering from same sex attraction and they had nothing but awe and admiration for them. The conference attendees were not looking for the Church to deviate from the Bible, but were seeking (and getting) support in living chaste lives.

Please do not waste time on anti-Catholic organizations such as that. If you wish to know a faithful Catholic group which adheres to Church teaching then please visit the Courage Apostolate. There is also a group called enCourage for friends and allies of homosexuals.

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