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I suffer from scruples and have been told by several priests to go to Holy Communion no matter what.

I had a thought today which was more verging on disrespect (a bad/negative word without meaning) about the Eucharist than anything more serious. However I started obsessing about the thought and I did use the words purposefully in my head . However at this stage I had started to think that it was probably a venial sin but I wasn’t sure if it was mortal or venial.

I have been told that in the case of a scrupulous person if they do something that is not too serious while thinking it is a mortal sin that they cannot commit a mortal sin in this case as they do not have the ability to judge.

I really do not want to disobey the instructions I have received but am worried about receiving Communion.

Any thoughts


As a scrupulous person myself, obey what you’ve been told. Scrupulous persons have diminished capacity to really judge their supposed sins of thoughts. Your confessor has taken responsibility for your soul and you should remember he will answer to God for what he tells you


I’ve been told to go to Communion by various confessors. However this priest implied that even if I committed a mortal sin that it would be forgiven the minute I am sorry so to go ahead and go to Communion.


Yes. As a priest, I have two thoughts:

  1. Please follow the directive of the priest who is helping you to deal with the issue of scruples. That is the path that is going to resolve the issues you are suffering.

  2. Do not seek advice from anonymous people on the Internet to second guess the priest who is guiding you. He knows your specific situation and has the academic education and pastoral formation to address the issue with you. There is, moreover, a specific rule on the Catholic Answer Forum that directs people who post here against overruling or contesting counsel that is received in spiritual direction. It is a wise and prudent rule.


Thanks for your reply.


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