Dilemma for an event regarding hospitality issue


Hello everyone,

It is my birthday this Saturday and I’m having a group rosary at 1 pm with the Legion of Mary, a priest will come for a house blessing/enthronement of the sacred heart of Jesus at 3pm.

My friends will be there for the rosary, blessing and enthronement. But the legion of Mary members will leave before the blessing and enthronement because of another event.

Would it be rude if we eat before the legion of Mary members leave my house? What if the priest comes in while everyone is eating delaying the ceremony.
I was going to serve all the food after everything is done but that means the loM members won’t get to eat.

What should I do?
Hectic schedule this Saturday :blush:


I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!

It might be a good idea to have some food and beverages available before the Legion of Mary members leave, even if it is just snacky type food then. One option would be to invite the priest to come before 3, so that he is able to eat as well, if he would like to. Another possibility would be for people to stop eating for the enthronement ceremony and to just pick up where they left off when the ceremony is over.

Regardless of what you decide, your birthday celebration sounds lovely!


Thanks for the advice everyone and birthday wishes! The priest said he’ll come as soon as he finishes mass.

I’ll just serve light refreshments first. Then have the actual feast after the ceremony.



‘The Holy Feast of Enthronement’? A bit OTT, don’t you think? It’s a pious custom, and obviously very significant to the OP.

But, ‘Holy Feast’?


Yes not a Holy Feast. I couldn’t it plan it on the feast day sadly.


Why not divide the food up in two parts. One for the Legion of Mary group and another for when the priest is there.


I ended up serving the food at the very end only because I told the legion to stay for a few. I just put food for take away for the priest because the other priest couldn’t make it for the next mass so he just did the blessing and enthronement.

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