Dilemma where to go


I have dilemma where to go and search for help. If I went to doctor, I would be like I dont trust in God and that He can heal me. But Im not sure if its only spiritual case. So I cant make to go to priest and confession. Because I think I have disorder. I have bad thoughts that the priest dont understand me as much as I would to be. Its terrible because I cant think like that. But what if its only a spiritual case? And Im just telling myself this so called OCD?


If you think you have OCD, you should speak first to a doctor or therapist. You can also tell your Priest and get spiritual guidance, but OCD is a mental illness and you need to seek medical treatment for it.


But I only think that! I was looking for help about intrusive thoughts and they said about ocd and maybe Im just telling myself that Im sick!


The best thing to do is go to a doctor and tell them about your intrusive thoughts.


And what if its spiritual case? Maybe doctor cant make anything?


If you are having intrusive thoughts, go to a doctor. That doesn’t mean you can’t also go to your Priest and ask him for spiritual guidance.


But Im confused what to do


Go to your doctor and tell them about your intrusive thoughts. Go to your Priest and tell him you’re struggling and could use some spiritual guidance.


What if its not a problem and I just make it


Your doctor will be able to tell you whether you have OCD or if you’re struggling but you don’t have the condition. Nothing bad will happen if you go.


Our ability to rationally understand and interact with the world around us is a gift from God… hence the pursuit of scientific knowledge, including medicine and psychiatry, are extensions of God’s creation and gifts to us. To seek medical treatment for what might be a medical condition does not mean you do not have trust for God… only that you are taking advantage of the appropriate abilities He has bestowed on mankind.


If you suspect you have a medical problem with your physical or mental health, you need to see a doctor. We are not supposed to give medical advice on this forum, and your question is not appropriate for this forum. We cannot sit here diagnosing whether you have OCD or something else. Please see a doctor.


Im afraid where to go, which doctor is appropriate for me :pensive:
Im afraid how parents would react to that :disappointed: that I need help


How old are you?

There’s nothing wrong with getting help when you need it. It’s exactly what you should do.


18 years old


First, it’s never wrong to seek medical attention. God gave us what we need to use medicine and gave many men and women the gift to heal and treat as physicians. Going to a doctor does not mean you lack trust in God.

Also, everyone has intrusive thoughts. That’s not abnormal. I don’t know your exact situation and if there’s anything else, and you don’t need to share intimate details here.

If you think you may need to see a doctor, do so. And if you think you may need to see a priest, do so. You don’t need absolute certainty about what you need before you have a diagnosis.


I once again reiterate my call. Posting here is exceptionally destructive to you specifically. You MUST stop posting. It will make your scrupulousity worse and worse. You are clearly seriously troubled. This forum will not help, but rather compound the issue even a professional will have trouble solving it. Don’t post here again.


So maybe I am normal


Once again…your question is inappropriate for this forum.
As the person above posted, between this and your other thread you appear to have a lot of problems that are likely to need medical help.
We cannot help you with this.
Your insisting that these posts are somehow “appropriate” after you have been told repeatedly that they are not, is also not appropriate and is bad forum etiquette.

I further note that while people on here try to be compassionate and helpful, this forum is “Catholic Answers”, intended to provide information about Catholicism and a place to discuss the Catholic religion and related topics. It is not a support forum for people with medical and emotional issues. Your recent threads are frankly off topic for the forum.

Please stop posting about your issues here and go get some medical help ASAP.


OK I am sorry for that

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