Dinesh D'Souza on C-Span

Did any of you watch Dinesh D’Souza on C-span’s AFTER WORDS this evening? Jonathan Alter, Newsweek editor and author of The Promise, a book praising President Obama, was the interviewer. D’Souza’s book, THE ROOTS OF OBAMA’S RAGE, was the book being discussed. I have watched C-span interviews for years and have never seen such a hostile interview w/ the guest author being interrupted so many times. Mr Alter was angry, cynical and antagonistic. Mr Alter did not conduct himself as a professional in this interview; he was a typical liberal full of contempt for another opinion.

Truly one of the most horrifying interviews I’ve ever witnessed. A more rude and hostile interviewer I don’t think I’ve ever seen, except perhaps Bill Maher or Rosie O’Donnell. Certainly not on Book TV. Dinesh D’Souza, as usual, was magnificent even under Jonathan Alter’s assault.

Here is a link to that “interview”- - - using the word “interview” loosely.


I watched it. It was terrible. I googled Jonathan Alter C-SPAN and it brought me to this forum. Here is the text I sent to C-SPAN. I copied Newsweek.

Dear Mr. Lamb,

I’ve written to you before to compliment the excellent programming you have on C-SPAN…but for the love God, please keep Jonathan Alter as far away from your studios as possible. I love C-SPAN and I love the interviews on BookTV but wow that guy was just awful. As uncouth and unprofessional as anyone I have ever seen. While I’m sure he considers himself a “journalist”, he didn’t even try to interview the author, all he did was argue with him. He wouldn’t even let the author speak! The badgering was so bad, I just turned it off. Typical condescending, crybaby liberal, not satisfied with asking questions and listening. That kind of **** has a home on MSNBC but not on C-SPAN.

I’m glad to see at least a few others out there agree.


Keep up the good work on everything else,

Thanks for the link. I had to go and watch the whole interview online (since my cable service has seen fit to move C-Span2 to a different tier requiring additional fee.)

This just reaffirms my respect for Dinesh D’Souza.
It also reaffirms my reasons for not subscribing to Newsweek, Mr. Alter’s weekly Obama apologetic journal. At one point in the interview he tries to cut off Mr. D’Souza’s arguments by stating, “this is my interview.”!

I went to D’Souza’s website and emailed him: *you are a gentleman and your Christian virtues were showing. *. Plance 1, send me the address to contact C-span. I must send them an email, too. thanks.

Didn’t you just love the way D’Souza challenged Alter re: the direct quote out of Alter’s book re: Obama and *slowing down * the military?

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