Dinesh D'Souza

Is anybody following Dinesh D’Souza? Reading his books?

I have been following many of his discussions on YouTube (with Daniel Dennett, Michael Schermer, Dan Barker, Lawrence Krauss and John Loftus).
Dinesh has an excellent way of confronting all those atheistic arguments thrown at him. He has a very sharp mind and wins every debate (in my opinion).
I am not even sure if he is Catholic - he very much sounds like one - and he does a wonderful job of defending Christian faith.
He is very knowledgeable in theology, history, politics and science. We need people like him!!

Wikipedia says, “Dinesh D’Souza states that while he has a Catholic background, which is important to him, he is comfortable with Reformation theology; he thus describes himself as a nondenominational Christian.” [33]

The footnote leads to this article on the web:


Whatever he is or isn’t, if the man is speaking truths, let him speak loudly, I say!

Excellent debater for either religion or science, you should also check him in youtube against strong atheists and reporters with confused information. He doesn’t back down and is not afraid to walk into their field. He makes me proud to be Catholic, even though he isn’t one.

Dinesh D’Souza is brilliant - and I’ve admired him for a long time for his keen intellect and of course his debating skills and willingness to defend religious faith - especially Christianity. His debate against Christopher Hitchens was epic, as are his other debates. But still - I am a bit saddened that he would regard his own Catholic faith as merely his background that is important to him. Sad that he would regard the pillar of truth that is the Catholic faith in this way - especially since the best arguments he can make for the faith come from the Catholic church with its intellectual and theological foundations stretching two millennia. I would hope he comes back to the fullness of truth.


Sometimes arguments and debate are not the greatest witness. When Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard of Belgium was attacked by what can only be described as “she’s a keeper”, “what all men are looking for in a women” women, he kissed an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary (a real role-model for woman) and left.

Not a word was said but his response spoke very loudly to me, louder than words.

That is true. Isn’t St Francis supposed to have said, “preach the gospel at all times. when necessary use words.” That said, we are living in a time when hostility to religious faith in the western countries is increasing and militant atheists push their views on society. We need to have an answer to them. We don’t want young people to only hear the atheist view. The Catholic church offers the best counter to this new militant atheism characterized by the likes of Bill Mahr and others who dominate cable tv. Religion is ridiculed more than ever in America now. People like Dinesh D’Souza are doing a good job countering that.


I figured people had thoroughly disregarded his work because of his personal scandals. It doesn’t make his arguments bad but it also doesn’t help his being seen as a credible witness for Christianity. Or maybe people just ignore it, i don’t know.


Or maybe he could move on after his scandals and be completely vindicated and praised by the liberal media like Bill Clinton :), oh that right, he’s conservative (and Christian) never mind. :rolleyes: There is no forgiveness for him.

I think Dinesh would be the first to admit that he falls short of the Christian ideal, as we all do. If we ask only living saints to defend the faith then we won’t have many defending the faith. His work is brilliant. Why would personal scandals discredit that? We ought to speak to his arguments and work, rather than engage in ad hominems.


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