Dining out, booze and sweets give a higher carbon footprint than meat

I was willing to put with them going after my porterhouse, but they will never have my beer.

Well, with this study, we should divest of any investments in The food service industry and the confectionery industry. They’re about to go belly up (pardon the expression) because no self-respecting climate change warrior will support them anymore. I doubt the alcohol industry is in any jeopardy, however.

Would probably be good if people ate less sweets and drank less alcohol generally. I know I could certainly benefit from it.

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Then do it because you believe it is healthier, not because of the absurd notion that it will stop climate change by lowering your carbon “footprint “.

Oh no…I hope the Vatican doesn’t get a hold of this. Because you can be sure that pretty soon a steak and Löwenbräu will be declared a sin, spelled out in the catechism and everything. Especially if you follow that up with dessert!

My individual choice wouldn’t really do anything to affect climate change anyway, but society-wide changes in production and consumption could.

It depends on what changes one means. And it depends on what impact human activity is having on the natural climate

The reason why so many view climate change ideology less as “saving” the climate and more as controlling society.

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