Dinner after convalidation?


My husband and I are having our marriage con validated soon. I wanted to ask others if they went out to dinner afterwards or had people/family over to their own house for dinner or celebration. Did anyone invite the priest as well? Trying to figure out the etiquette. We were married in a Protestant church over 20 years ago. Thanks!!


Hi Elsasmom,

Yes, we went out to eat afterwards. There was a small group of us. We did invite Father to go with us, but he wasn’t able to make it.


Yes, our priest dined with us afterwards, as did the newly ordained deacon who was there to witness it and then proceeded to hand the entire family (including our two kids) his first blessed sacramentals (scapulars). It was a beautiful day. From now on, we will celebrate our convalidation as the more important of our two anniversaries.


My cousins had theirs this past summer. Everyone invited went to a restaurant that her son managed. They set a side a part of the dining room and we had a marvelous buffet dinner. She had a lovely grocery store cake. It was simple but joyful!


For my wife and I, our civil wedding was simple (only a few friends going out to lunch afterwards), and our convalidation was a bigger celebration. The priest was my wife’s brother, so, yes, he came to the reception.


That’s a good idea; I think we’ll start celebrating both dates as well.


Ours was quite small, but yes we celebrated - kind of low key… Went back to my mom’s for a late lunch and good talk.



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