Dinner table diplomacy: Donald Trump and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe were pictured talking on phones in public after North Korea's missile test on Saturday


President Trump is being criticized by his detractors that he did this on a dinner table.

What do you think? Do you agree that he should do official business during unofficial function? Should he have waited and attend to it in the privacy of his office?


He was in a restaurant at Mar a Lago where other people who pay for there meals were also there. All those people have security clearance? The military person who carries the nuclear football (the launch codes etc) was photographed in a selfie with one of the patrons and ended up on Facebook.

The meeting was lit by cell phones on flash light mode.

When the call came in he should have said, excuse me. And taken whoever needed to be with him to a private office.

My DH does that. He has to have privledged conversations with clients.


Someone there took pictures and put them on Facebook.


Link to the article - dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4221282/Trump-presidency-gets-social-detailed-posts-photos.html

Seems like “fake news”. The article asserts, without evidence, that the President and Prime Minister were discussing national security issues in public. The White House claims they were discussing the logistics of a joint press conference. Who’s telling the truth? There’s no way to tell from the article.


I’d expect people in such positions to conduct themselves with a little more decorum. “Selfies,” really?!


I remember Obama taking selfies with a woman, much to the dismay of Michelle I might add, at some ceremony or something for Nelson Mandela I think it was?

As much as we may not like it, from the amount of selfies and snapchat posts going on and being posted to Facebook, it appears the rest of the world is okay with it. :shrug:


The rest of the world is alright with many things I must take a pass on.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand under investigation

Week. 3.


:rolleyes: Nothing will come of it. I hope the left keeps crying wolf so that when Trump does something really great no one will think anything of their cries.


Chaffetz is a republican though. I agree nothing will come of it given that the House is responsible for oversight, but what we all knew before its now clear - hes a buffoon unfit for this job.


This is just stupid. Of course he should discuss national security business behind closed doors, but the thing is, we don’t know if that was the conversation.


Decorum—ie pressed plaid suits and fancy dresses—is a false front used to get people into office who destroy our country.

The people have spoken and rejected the status quo.

As far as the content of the call, we have no idea of what it was and if the media is artificially tying these events together without proof (meaning they’d be listening to a conversation of the president POSSIBLY classified NSA style) then this is just another hit job.


A hit job by Republicans looking into it? No one’s accusing them of anything outside of carelessness - which it very clearly is.


I don’t know what happened. It’s also a safe bet neither do they. Investigations into the presidency are fine. Tying two events together that sound good on paper that may nothing to do with one another is not.


Like what? Return fire?


I saw the tweet that included a photo of, and identified, the young man holding the “nuclear football.” I was incredulous!!!

The response from those who screamed for Hillary Clinton’s head because of her private server? Crickets.

Folks, if you don’t realize that there are serious security issues with this administration (Russia, lack of simple common sense with regard to top-level conversations) then you better wake up.


Trump isn’t the first President to ever go to a restaurant. Obama and Clinton both did it, and whenever they did, they had the nuclear football with them. The White House is claiming that they were discussing the logistics for a joint press conference, which isn’t really a national security and there’s nothing in the news stories to contradict them.


It’s not a restaurant, its his private resort. He couldn’t set up a situation room there to figure out dealing with national security issues? He had to do it right there in the open with random guests?

Its not illegal, its just dumb and reckless.


Gotta say, I’m not the biggest Trump fan in the world, but this doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me.


It isn’t. Its a small thing that shows some degree of carelessness.


Why do you keep saying he was talking about national security issues?

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