Dinos and Adam/Eve

Was wondering, did adam and eve walk with dinosaurs and if so how did the total extinction of the dinosaurs effect the human race? where they all wiped out and god recreated us? or did they live in another location from them so they were not effected?

Its been on my mind for awhile. If you could, can you give be proof of there coexistence from the bible?

The Church as absolutely no teaching on this topic. It is not relevant to salvation, faith, or morals.

You need to look to science on this question, and evidence would point to “no” based on geological evidence.

dinosaurs are not mentioned in the bible, neither are 90% of the species of plants and animals that have existed on earth at any given time, because it is not a biology or zoology book. If you want the science of the development of the earth and the creatures upon it, find a reliable science book.

Catholics do not insist on a belief in a literal 6 terrestrial 24-hour day creation account, so if you want to explore that line of thought you will have to find a non-Catholic fundamenalist website.

The word dinosaur was coined in the 1800’s so it does not appear in the Bible.

The common used words were behemoth and dragons.

“Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church.” – :slight_smile:

Alright, guess i put this in wrong spot. was just curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont remember who it was but someone posted this on here about dinosaurs its extremely interesting and will prob answer your question


theres 9 parts to it on youtube. I found it really cool hope you enjoy it to.

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