Dinosaurs and Genesis

Hi All!! I just wanted to ask a question about something that has been kind of bothering me for a while. My brother, is against the catholic church and its teaching, and he continues to try and say how Christians do not believe in dinosaurs. Is there anything in the catholic church that says that? That got me thinking. Since dinosaurs existed, because of the remains that have been found. How does that tie in with Adam and Eve? I believe that the Adam and Eve should not be understood literally. The main question I’m trying to ask is that if carbon dating put human only being around for thousands of years, and it put dinosaurs being alive millions of years ago, then I’m wondering why god created us so far apart. My thought begins to be the world was not created for us at first.:shrug::shrug::confused: Please give your feedback and what you think. Thank you and God Bless!!:confused::confused:

As I understand it the creation story as told in genesis is not necessarily to be taken literally.

Yep, it’s to be read in the how it is written. Poetry, although not literal can (obviously) hold truth, as can saga, myth etc. The modern scientific mind finds reading the bible difficult. Living in a post-modern culture doesn’t help either.

The same reason a police detective doesn’t read a Stephen King novel and proceed to open a new murder investigation. What needs to be looked for is what truth the author is trying to convey. :thumbsup:

Because dinosaurs aren’t in the Bible doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. haha, tell him it’s the bible not an Encyclopedia Britannica!!

Because dinosaurs aren’t in the Bible doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. haha, tell him it’s the bible not an Encyclopedia Britannica!!

The Bible is not a science textbook or a history book. It’s meant for revealing truths about God, not learning about history.:stuck_out_tongue:

Dinosaur is a term coined in the 1820’s. Of course it is not in the Bible.

Since God created science, it stands to reason He cannot contradict Himself. If something is proved scientifically, then that is the way it is. Dinosaurs existed millions of years before humans–that has been proven. That in no way contradicts the idea that God created everything, including humans, and God’s timeline does not correspond to ours. He’s not on our schedule, and we should not be attempting to put Him there. Why He created Dinosaurs millions of years before humans is not really our business. The Book of Genesis only says what God did–it does not attempt to explain how He did it. And you are correct–the world was not created for us first–God created the animals first, that is clear in Scripture. We were created last and are made in His own image and likeness.

The Catholic Church does not insist on a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis. You are free to believe that of course, but all it asks you to believe is that God created everything–it does not require an explanation of when or how He did it. There should be no confusion–God and science cannot contradict each other, as God is the author of science.

Careful here… Soft tissue has been found and carbon dating of bones came back at 20000 to 30000 years old…

Well dinosaur fossil round here (The Badlands of Alberta) date back 65 million years and longer.

That is what they say. Either that dating is wrong or soft tissue survives that long. What is your claim?

Amen! I’ve been “preaching” something similar for years.

I am truly in awe of all the elaborate tools God used to create his earth. Like many scientific minds before me, the discoveries of science only stengthen my belief in the Church as they simply demonstrate the power of God.

Here is a thought for you case: consider God’s design in peppering the planet with Meteors 65 mya, which opened the door for mammals, and in turn, us, to thrive. When you dig into all the details of the earths past, you begin to see a brilliant plan emerging. Many scientists often comment on how it took many, perfect “coincidences” for us Humans to come about and survive. Those “coincidences” defy odds. Those “coincidences” are God.

I claim the scientists know what they are doing, and that their fossils are 65 million years old or older.

As an old Franciscan priest and Doctor of Theology told me many times: Christ died to take away our sins not our brains!

St. Thomas Aquinas also told us that God writes in two books - scripture and nature - and they don’t contradict each other.

I also believe that godless atheists can hit on the Truth since the universe is created by God.

So you believe that God created huge man-eating dinosaurs but didn’t create Adam and Eve?


:wink: One little questine: Why would God, Who has all of eteraty, jam the history of the earth in less then 25,000 years or would He, just as likely, have the earth’s history at 4.5 billion years and have the dinosourses live 65 million years ago? :confused: Or have soft tissue survive that long, just to see what we would thing of it? :banghead::yukonjoe::whackadoo:

Hi BigFig,

Of course we Catholics believe that dinosaurs existed. Where is your brother’s conrete proof that Catholics teach otherwise?

As for tying in with Adam and Eve…well, the first humans were created last of all God’s creation. So I don’t see any conflict there. They were in a safe haven - the Garden of Eden, but due to their fall from grace, were evicted and banned from this paradise, now facing death, hardships and all sorts of calamities.

The story of Adam and Eve is told as a moral teaching and who God is. It is not a science book nor is it a history book (although there is historical settings and events). The stories of the Bible were composed over many centuries in with various authors and genres, albeit, God was author who inspired these men’s words.

As for the world not being created for us first as you said: Not so. God created everything for us, that is why we humans were created last. We were to have domain (care for) over the earth.

Why, for that matter, even the dinosaurs served their purpose: we have fuel from their “remains” for our use.


We have discussed these dates before, buffalo. Carbon dating is wrong for (non-avian) dinosaur bones.

If I stand on a kitchen scales that can measure up to 20 pounds, and it shows 20 pounds, does that mean:

[list=a]*]I have maxed out the scales.
*]I actually weigh 20 pounds.[/list]

If you answered b), then I have this great weight-loss plan to sell you for a mere $499.95 (plus shipping). :slight_smile:

Dinosaur bones max-out carbon dating. All you are measuring is either the sensitivity of the equipment, or the amount of contamination present.


I never said that! I believe that god created HUMAN BEINGS. That is why evolution makes no sense to me, we human are to advanced and unique to come from any animal. I struggle to try and understand why god created us later on after the dinosaurs. I might just be thinking about it the wrong way. Most of the replies so far have improved my understanding however, I would like to thank you all for that. :thumbsup:

Science confirms that all living humans are descended from a single couple. All of us are descended from Mitochondrial Eve’s parents.


I agree with what some of you are saying and disagree with others, however, sight has been lost of the original question. We have a someone asking for our help in saving someone for Christ. Perhaps we should direct our attention to the original question (as much as I would love to debate this topic…).

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