It’s ok for Catholics to believe dinosaurs once roamed the earth, right?

Of course. There’s actually a lot that we’re given flexibility to believe (or not). The existence of dinosaurs is one of them. We don’t necessarily have to understand the Bible as a literal account of all of the earth’s history (we don’t have to believe the world is only 6-8,000 years old, for example).

It is a fact, not a matter of belief.

Yes. It’s a proven fact. It’s not a point of belief.

The earth evolving over time does not do away with Catholic belief in any way whatsoever.

I’ve never heard of anyone who doesn’t accept that. Did you mean to say “…at the same time as humans”? Because that would get into a valid question about what Catholics are obliged to believe.

Humans and dinosaurs co-existed at the same time? Sorry, The “Flintstones” is not a documentary.:dts:

The geological age of the earth, and the creatures it held before Adam are not a matter of faith.


I believe there were animals which have since become extinct. I would prefer to not call them dinosaurs. Stop making stuff up, whoever invented that word. They are just animals like my cat. They also didn’t roam. They wandered.

I think dinosaurs and humans did live together - they were called “dragons”.


What is wrong with calling this group, or class of creatures dinosours? It acknowledges a whole set of species that lived millions of years ago. I don’t think many animals today are exactly like their ancestors 65 million yrs ago… especially your cat.


It is actually a matter of belief that God is in the facts (spiritual and physical).

From my (mostly) accurate-in-translation CTS bible…

'Gen. 1:24 - ‘God said, “Let the earth produce every kind of living creature: cattle, reptiles, and every kind of wild beast.” And so it was. God made every kind of wild beast, every kind of cattle, and every kind of reptile. God saw that it was good.’

(Although, IMO, the Creation stories can simultaneously be understood as the creation of the God-reaching soul).

The term “dinosaur” refers to a subset of all the life prior to today. A Trilobite, let’s go with Phacops, for example, would be inaccurately referred to as a dinosaur. So the term “dinosaur” is no more inaccurate than calling a group of animals “domestic” as it clarifies which subset is being referred to.

Dinosaurs were only one group of pre-human species. There were others before and after them. It’s only a word to describe that one group, “made up” by Richard Owen in 1842.

They are just animals like my cat. They also didn’t roam. They wandered.

Roam/wandered–same meaning. Rather, they, the sauropoda, migrated like many other modern large herbivores do. The large carnivores, the theropoda, generally set up territories and stayed within them, just like modern ones do, except for the flying ones which also migrated. :slight_smile:

If the OP is asking if man and dinosaurs lived together, the answer is there is no geological or archeological evidence for this. Nor is it necessary for our faith to believe that they did. Genesis tells us the animals were created before man and that man named them. He certainly named the ones that lived at the same time he came into being, but he wouldn’t have known about or named those that went extinct before his creation.

The term dinosaur was coined in the 1800s. There is reason to believe men and unusual creatures did live together. Not all dinosaurs were very large. What is puzzling is the constant repetition here and why this issue is so important to some and the pointless joke about a cartoon.

But, alas, this will continue ad infinitum.


Well we’re certainly naming them now. :wink:


I think the point I were making might have been missed. Dinosaurs have been given a great deal of mysticism, they have developed a mythical status, they have been given intelligence which they simply could not possess, they have become a pinnacle on a pedestal. I could blame Jurassic Park, where T Rex (rex means King of course) is portrayed like the Terminator, or the Velociraptor exhibiting communication skills within the species (despite the fact that it was invented). I could blame the BBC for milking the dinosaurs, in its walking with dinosaurs program, where some of their presentation has been questioned by reputable atheist evolutionist scientists.

Why does no one care about the trilobite.

Actually my cat has a lot in common with dinosaurs, two eyes four legs a tail a nose a mouth teeth skin internal organs, but the most important one that some people seem to think, my cat is a KILLING MACHINE, maybe that was the BBC too.


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