It should be, but roam has come to include a menacing aspect in urban areas. Gangs roam the streets. Gangs wander the streets. Which one do you fear?

Dinosaurs are fact and not fiction.

Both, actually. Really, there is no difference between the words–to you perhaps, but not really. :wink: Sorry to nitpick, but words mean what they mean.

However, my point was that they didn’t aimlessly move about, as both words suggestion. Various species migrated, just as we have migratory species today. I was encouraging the idea that they were no different from your cat. (I am owned by cats, too, so I know they aren’t just cute little fuzzballs, but fierce predators, on their own level). Cats, like most predators, prehistoric or modern, do not “roam” or “wander” but have definite territories which they defend quite vigorously. Cats, of all sizes, included.

I worked with a guy 20+ year ago that did not believe the dinosaurs ever existed. He explained why he felt this way to me once, but I cannot remember all the details, however at the time I do recall his explanation making sense.

Of course! Why wouldn’t it be?

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