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The newspaper our Archdiocese puts out is very conservative, which is good; but it is also very selective in the news it covers. It is almost impossible to get a letter published and there is thus little input from “ground zero,” so to speak. Has anyone any experience with creating a website for such “alternative” diocesan news?

My thoughts are that such a website might have input from several permanent “reporters,” a blog where anyone with information or with an opinion could send a message that would be screened before being posted, local color with perhaps a different parish being highlighted each week, interviews with clergy, religious, and lay persons about what is on their minds, and so forth.

The largest problem I can see is getting word out that the site exists. The formal paper probably would see this as competitive and therefore a drain on ad money. Then there are the issues of finances and volunteer staffing. It might be interesting if there were such a website for every large diocese – a true “web” that would link each to the others and share news that would be of universal interest.

I would appreciate anything anyone on this forum has to say about this.

Thanks for your ideas!


Consider yourself lucky. Diocesean papers SHOULD reflect the views of the Church. That’s why they are diocesan papers.

There is no shortage of secular or anti-Catholic “Catholic” papers (which I’d rather not identify) that seemingly exist to distort the Catholic mission and message. Just look around.

In my experience, most diocesan papers are filled with canned pieces from Catholic News Service. CNS articles tend to be vacuous fluff at best or have a progressive slant at worst.


Our diocesan paper is also mostly canned articles from national news organizations. That is the problem, as I see it. The Church has no personal relationship with most of its members outside of weekend Mass. If the people could feel that they can get their ideas aired, they might get more involved in living as a Catholic daily.

I certainly don’t want another anti-Catholic blog! The idea came to me as I was going through some old issues of our diocesan paper, where there was a lot of what I mentioned in my first post here – local parish information, interviews, and lots of letters to the editor. If the website were closely monitored, I think it would have a huge positive impact on the local Church.


Have you thought about going to your paper’s editor with these recommendations? He/she may appreciate the input!


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