Diocesan priesthood ordination promises vs. the vows that religious take

Anyone want to list and compare/contrast them?


In a nutshell?

Orders: Poverty, Chastity and Obedience
Diocesan: Chastity and Obedience. The poverty tends to come naturally via dirt pay!

Thank you. But I know that religious take vows, whereas diocesan priests make promises. There is a difference, but I’m not sure what it is. I think the “promises” are technically able to rescinded by the Church (not likely) whereas the vows can never be lifted. Can anyone verify this?

As I recall the “promises” made by a diocesan priest can be, under very special circumstances, revoked by the Ordinary. For example, the promise of chaste celibacy can be revoked for converting Anglican priests who are married. A religious “vow” is binding, breaking that vow results in mortal sin, and no one except the Vatican itself can rescind these vows. If anyone can either verify this or correct this, by all means do-:wink:

That’s not quite right.

For an married Anglican priest converting, the promise of celibacy is never made, it is not revoked. Likewise, a married Eastern Catholic being ordained would not promise celibacy.

In practice, the vows and promise function the same. I believe they can only be released by the Pope. For example, if a diocesan Priest is laicized, the Pope releases him from his promises. If a religious Priest becomes a Bshop, the Pope releases him from his vow of poverty (b/c the Bishop need to own diocesan property).

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Hi everyone…

One difference is that ordination is a sacrament (Holy Orders), while vows (for women or men) are not). I think the main issue is what one is called to. The calls to religious life and the calls to ordination are separate. Not all (men) called to religious life are called to be ordained; some become Brothers. So I think the discernment questions are quite distinct.

A religious who is ALSO called to ordination is under both disciplines–those of vows and those of holy orders. But it’s not an either/or for religious or diocesan priests, if that makes sense.

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