Diocesan-sponsored workshops

A recent thread discussed the need to notify the bishop when a priest teaches against the Magisterium. I recently attended some diocesan-sponsored workshops for catechists (although it was opened to all). The registration form included a message from our bishop, proclaiming the function as “an opportunity to broaden our consciousness and enrich our ministries with this Conference for spiritual and academic formation and enrichment…(etc.).” The instructor for one of my classes is a lay person – and he said some things which go against what our Church teaches. I tried to correct him once – but he refuted what I had to say. Any thoughts as to whether I should report this person, even though he seems highly-regarded in this diocese?

What you first might do is gather the facts and official Church documents that show he is in error. Then go to him privately and discuss the issue(s) and see if maybe he just didn’t present his positioin well. If that does not do any good, then send a letter to the Bishop with all the facts etc. and written in a professional sounding manner. the bishop will (should) then talk to the person and find out both sides of the issue and should do what is appropriate.

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