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I am completing my 4th year of Catholic Scripture School through the Arch-diocese of Chicago. Beginning next year Loyola will be running the program through their Pastoral Studies program. They tell me it is the best kept secret in the diocese(an excuse for poor marketing). The Texts are unique and sold through Paulist Press. The program I believe started in Denver and branched out to Dallas. University of Dallas offers it online. I have noodled around and found it in Michigan and several other diocese. Since Dallas’ site is a bit more refined than ours here is what it looks like. udallas.edu/ministry/studentresources/student_resources_conted.php

Finally to my questions

  1. Have you completed this program? I have and I am pretty comfortable with scripture now. What did you think? Feeling quite honored to be able to proclaim the word as a Lector because I have a grasp of the history.

  2. If you could go to your diocese website, see if they do offer this program and share it with everyone on this post and with your friends. It is not always easy to find. This is a much more scholarly study that anything offered at most parishes since the instructions receive nominal pay and there is testing.


I am a second year student with the Hartford Archdiocese. I love the program but it is a lot of work. We have 10 in our class and it looks like we are all going to go for years three and four.
I agree that I know the scriptures much better now which will help with teaching, even in the lower grades (I teach CCD to grades 5 and 8).

We advertise the program in our local church and in the archdiocesan newspaper and website but we only get a handful of people willing to sign up for a two year commitment. Most people I know just say they are too busy…



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Maran atha!


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