Diocese wins battle in lawsuit



An Obama appointed federal judge has granted an injunction to multiple plaintiffs headed by the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend from the HHS contraceptive mandate, saying that the lawsuit had a reasonable chance of success on its merits.

Failure to grant the injunction would have meant $100 per day in fines for more than 17,000 employees. Bishop Kevin C Rhoades has repeatedly called this law an unjust attack on religious liberty that could not be obeyed.

BTW, the picture in the article is my view every week from the choir loft of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Fort Wayne, which was dedicated on December 8, 1860. The casket in the picture contains the body of Bishop John M D’Arcy who died in January 2013 after serving the diocese for almost 25 years as our bishop.




How long until the IRS tries to come after citizens who do not sign up, cause I have not bothered signing up for Obama care and just flat out wont for plenty of reasons not just the abortion part of it. Curious as to those who are against it on religious reasons if they have complied with the law or not, minus this article here.


I am with you here. I am happy to report that I will probably have to pay a small fine. I was also happy to hear an insurance expert say last week, that for Obamacare to work, they not only need healthy young people to sign up, but even more, they need healthy old people like me who have to pay more than healthy young people.

In May, I will be eligible for Medicare, which is far from perfect, but lacks some of the moral objections I have to Obamacare. Freedom of Religion is for every individual, every church, and every religious organization. The HHS mandate only exempts narrowly defined churches and violates the freedom given to us by God and recognized in the first amendment.


The only way the ACA covers abortion is if the person buying it with their own dollars aask for it.

No one has to buy health insurance. A person that has health insurance will receive a income tax discount. Those that don’t have health insurance will leave the rest of us to pick up the tab.

BTW, you don’t have to buy health insurance on the exchanges. You can buy it in the private market. You only need to be on the exchange if you want a tax credit.


Not quite won yet
It was only a temporary injunction. However,

By forcing certain institutions (church-affiliated organizations) to provide contraception, and not churches themselves, the mandate is not providing equal protection under the law.
Now here’s the tricky part.
The 14th amendment (equal protection) only applies to states. However, some exchanges under Obamacare are run by state governments. If an employee of a church, receiving insurance through a state exchange filed suit against the federal government for not providing equal protection, because she does not receive contraception, like employees of a church-affiliated organization receiving healthcare from that same exchange would, I could see the contraception mandate being struck down.


It is more complicated than you are describing

What this means is that although some of the ObamaCare-compliant insurance plans cover elective abortion while others do not, the insurance companies are not allowed to communicate in advance which plans do in fact cover abortion. This information is guarded and may never be known to individuals signing up for the insurance policies their employers offer, unless those specific individuals take time to read the fine print.

And here’s the kicker – even if an employee discovers that the insurance he or she has signed up for covers abortions and therefore contains an extra fee for abortion, the employee has no option under ObamaCare rules but to take the healthcare or, dare they opt out, to pay an exorbitant fee for bypassing the healthcare plan offered through the employer.



If that’s true why did the Democrats reject the Stupak amendment?


The party of death wants to claim that no government funds are used to pay for abortion, so they force people to buy insurance that covers it and subsidize that forced insurance for many with government funds.

Do you see the big difference? Neither do I.


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